Art at Powell Gardens



Had a major presentation today for the board of Powell Gardens.  Concept I dreamt up last winter.  Been working on it, off and on, for a few months.  Will it involve professional artists?  Young artists?  A responsive public?  And passion?  Yes.

Too soon to say yet whether it will all come together, but I’ve a good feeling about it.  Should it be approved, I think it will go quite well.  Will keep you informed.

2 thoughts on “Art at Powell Gardens

  1. As a photographer and writer I was interested in the Powell Garden dream. I would like to know more about it. I write for the Kansas City Gardener and have done extensive photography of Powell Gardens (and many other Kansas City garden treasures). The Powell Garden story I wrote with photos dealt with the water gardens and living wall. I turn much of my photography into what I call Photo-Art for exhibits, office and home art and such. I have been reading with interest you web site today (I am in process of trying to create a new one–a huge challenge with my schedule). I am curious about where the point of view for the building photo–I can’t think of anything high enough for that except a tree or is it a painting?

  2. Jeanita: Premature to discuss now, but I’ll be glad to provide details later, provided the project matures.

    Point of view for photo? I suspect a lift, but don’t know for sure, as no information was provided with the shot. The rich color I suspect results from digital enhancement.

    Do you have a website?

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