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Bottom Photo: STRETCH, Art Consultant, Dierk Van Keppel, Vernon Brejcha, Lonnie Powell, William Lobdell, Brent Collins.  In abstentia: Lisa Grossman and Leslie Reuther.

The film Art on the Block premiered last night at the Copaken Stage to a packed house.  I don’t mind saying I was more than a little blown away, and agree with the film critic’s A+ assessment.  Does that reflect bias on my part?  You bet. 

Even so, the film retains the objectivity and slight edge that I think all good documentaries need.  The film-makers–Professor Daven Gee and his students at UMKC–simply told the stories of the artists, and myself, as we assembled the major commissioned pieces for Block.  They allow the audience to decide whether or not we screwed it up, and whether or not this is a step forward for culture in the Midwest.

Well, I’ll assert this much: we didn’t screw it up, and it is a step forward.  I hope you get to see the film.  Should run on PBS later this year.

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