Kim Casebeer’s Show / The Issue of Pre-Selling


Postcard from Kim’s Show.  Opens tomorrow night, 6-9.  I’m expecting a crowd, as her popularity has risen greatly over the past 5 years.  Have we always had crowds at our openings?  Man, I remember in the early 90s how I had to pack my first joint with students and friends, otherwise it would have been empty, since few collectors ever showed up.  Great party, no sales.  Still a great party, but usually abundant sales. 

Have pre-sold 8 of the 30 paintings already, two of them quite large.  Do I have an issue with selling work before the opening actually begins?  None.  I’m here for the artists, their families, and my family.  I’m here to sell the work, and to make it easy for the clients to buy.  Since many can’t make opening night, you bet I pre-sell.  The more work you place, the more greatly it is valued.  The more it is valued, the more art appreciation grows–to the benefit of all.

3 thoughts on “Kim Casebeer’s Show / The Issue of Pre-Selling

  1. I’m almost finished reading, “Living The Artist’s Life.” Nice work. To tell the truth it wasn’t anything like I expected. A month ago I went to a workshop on the business of art, presented by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. I walked away from that workshop discouraged. I came away thinking this was a hopeless pursuit. Hopeless in the sense of making a living of my art, the art would continue anyway. I couldn’t stop working any easier than I could stop my heart. I felt that I needed a better more encouraging view of the art world. Being also a bookworm I went to Borders and found your book, only one of two in this type of info. I admit the purchase point for your book over the other author was that you are in Kansas City. Not so far from my home of Oklahoma City. I thought that maybe since you were out here in the middle of the country with me, that your insights might be a little more applicable to my own situation. The pleasant surprise was the autobiographical style you wrote it in. I haven’t been able to put it down. I plan to pass it on to my mother, an artist herself. I just wanted to say thank you. You have given me hope, that there is a chance at getting my work out there for others to see. I have bookmarked your sight and next time I’m in Kansas City I will come knocking, if for nothing more than to see the art at your gallery. Thanks again…. tom

    P.S. good luck to you and Kim Casebeer (as well as congratulations) tomorrow night. I know it’s your job/business, but have fun!!!! And remind her to do that too….

  2. I agree completely. I held an open studio on a weekend a few years ago and one of my collectors couldn’t make it to the show. She asked if she could come by before the show opened. She bought a painting on the Wednesday prior to the show. I marked it as sold. Further interest was generated as a result as well.

  3. Kudos to you and good for Ms. Casebeer! I am quite fond of her paintings, and will likely stop by tonight. It’s always great to hear of this kind of success, especially when it’s so obviously deserved.

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