Invitation to Feinstein Show / St. Mary Kevin Orphanage


Invitation to Gloria Baker Feinstein’s opening this Friday.  Today she’ll be interviewed on KCUR; will be featured in the Star and on Fox 4 later in the week.  Expect a strong turnout, resulting, we hope, in significant monies raised for the St. Mary Kevin Orphanage in Uganda.  Can’t imagine the realities these kids live with, but we do intend to help make things more bearable.

2 thoughts on “Invitation to Feinstein Show / St. Mary Kevin Orphanage

  1. I hope that this show rocks the house! Best of luck to you, the artist and the charity. I only wish I could be there. Heather

  2. Thanks, Heather. We did indeed intend to rock. Expecting close to 300. Damn, that’s a lot of cheap wine.

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