Screenplay About Iraq War


I finished a screenplay last fall that’s been wandering around LA.  It’s about what happens to a Vet of the Iraq War after he comes home, suffering from severe PTSD.  Six scenes are set in Baghdad, the rest in the U.S.  It ain’t pretty, but I’m told it’s moving.  Studied PTSD for a long time to get this right.  Interviewed a lot of Vets. 

I’m restructuring a couple of key scenes to further increase tension prior to climax, and eventual redemption–though redemption always comes at a price.  Script goes back out to LA next week for another round of readings by agents.  No one has accepted it yet.  One agent wanted to know if I could blow up a few cars in one of the U.S. scenes.  I took the script back from him.

2 thoughts on “Screenplay About Iraq War

  1. Thanks. This final draft seems to go very well. I like the changes as much as the parts that don’t need changing.

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