Seminar for Artists at Fontbonne University


I’ll be teaching an all-day bootcamp for artists Saturday at Fontbonne, a university in St. Louis that was founded by a handful of French gals.  Has a great art dept.  I lectured there when the book first came out; now they’ve signed up for my seminar program. 

In this, I teach artists on how to structure a viable career–whatever one’s goals.  It involves a copy of Artist’s Life, an accompanying workbook, lunch, and a couple of Frisbee sessions.  Also abundant laughs, since people learn best when spirits are high.  We’re just now launching this gig, and I expect to be teaching it for several years.  Profs and art centers hire me because my area of knowledge is different from theirs.

Looking forward to it.  St. Louis is a great town, except for that Bud stuff.   

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  1. Yes, many more. They’ll be posted later on this website, and the gallery website, as my staff books them.

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