Return of the Natives / No Pregnancies As Yet


The college men have returned from their first non-parent trip, all smiles. This shot is of them a year ago, when we were camping on the high prairie, and I was teaching them to throw a hatchet. I’ve taught them many things over the years. In fact, with one kid whose father split on him, I discussed high school relationships, birth control, drugs, the harmful side of our commercial society, the value of dreams, and so on, as much as with my own sons. He always listened; I was always honest. He’s a great guy. They all are, and each of an artistic temperament. As of yet no drugs, very modest drinking, and no pregnancies. Aim to keep it that way.

That’s my oldest, celebrating with hatchet in cottonwood. Yeah, they had a great time in the mountains. Camping at first, hotel with hot tub later, and plenty of stories about chasing chicks around town. The best part? You can tell they grew measurably from this simple journey.

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