Closing A Deal

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See this basic sketch?  This was a rough concept for a huge (20′ high) glass sculpture that has since evolved into something highly complex, yet with the appearance of simplicity.  It will be made of 330 pieces of glass, will be quite heavy, and  glorious.  There were two others involved in the design: the brilliant Ed Tranin and the incomparable Sharon Gottula.  We closed the deal on it today.

How long was this in negotiation?  5 weeks.  How many evolutions did the design go through?  7.  How many times did I have to negotiate price?  3.  Was it expensive to keep redesigning?  Yes, and time-consuming.  Was I concerned the time would be wasted?  Not with this client.  What does the final design look like?  Ah, for that you’ll have to wait.  But rest assured it will be bold.

I’ll post photos of progress as we proceed.  And although the client is based far from here, I’d rather not reveal their identity just yet.  They’ll do that themselves, when they’re ready.

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