Gloria Baker Feinstein–Again


Boys Swimming, Kansas        Gloria Baker Feinstein

This is one of my favorite shots by Gloria.  In fact I placed it, and a few others, with University of Kansas Hospital, in KC.  I’ve shown it before, but couldn’t resist showing it a second time–the sheer joy that the piece captures.

Later I’ll show a photo or two of the concentration camps in Poland, this from her series Among the Ashes.  Quite moving in a different, and altogether tragic, way.

4 thoughts on “Gloria Baker Feinstein–Again

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  2. Hi:

    This is such a good capture. You can almost hear the delighted giggles and squeals and feel the sun and water splash. It truly captures the essence of summer and youth.

  3. Ms. Feinstein’s work is classically elegant in the best tradition of black and white. Anyone who has attempted the medium knows that there is but a brief second when the fates converge, when line, form, contrast, and some inexplicable thing (beauty, mystery, eloquence) are captured on a negative. Only later does one find the positive emerging from the chemical baptismal bath, only later does one choose between the image taken two seconds before the boy with outstretched arms jumped in or up, or the one just after when his arm blocked the face of another who is now swimming away. And how intensely frustrating it is when the vision is missed, when one is too late, or too early, when one failed to make the proper calculations of exposure, or composition, or damnit put film in the camera (sounds ridiculous I know but that kind of stuff does happen). Conversely what a joy when these elements succeed. I never tire of the beauty of black and white. From a gallery perspective is it true that photography is not particularly lucrative? Will you have a retrospective of her work? I would love to see it.

  4. Walker: Yes, I’ve never found photography greatly lucrative yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t eventually. This is true for most galleries.

    Yeah, she’s quite amazing. In fact you summed up her skills, and the difficulties juggled, better than I could. Gloria certainly deserves more recognition than she’s received. Perhaps over time. A retrospective? Good idea. We’ll look into it after her show here in April.

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