Leaving Eureka Springs


Our last day here. Head back to KC this afternoon, after brunch, driving out of the mountains and across the prairie in the sad sort of sojourn that return trips can sometimes be. But I’m going back to host of great projects, a great family, and a screenplay that I could not be more sure of. Mondays are nothing to dread; instead I look forward to them.

What do I love about Eureka? The latter-day hippies, the insanely steep and narrow streets, the Victorian architecture, the legions of artists, the shops and restaurants, and especially the Italian joint, Ermillio’s, which is up on the ridge in an old Gingerbread that’s never quite big enough for the crowd that fills it. Then when you get tired of the town, there’s always the mountains. But I never get tired of town.

It’ll be a nice drive home. We’ll stop by the George Washington Carver place and pick a few persimmons. Bittersweet too, if it’s out.

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