“Mak Show” and the New Kaiserkeller


Ok, so my 16-year-old and his band had their first rehearsal last night in their first concert hall.  Their gig will be there in two weeks, and they’ve been practicing for months.  I was the one who insisted they priactice in the actual joint, knowing it would sound and feel different from a basement. 

You should’ve seen them drop the inhibitions, and really begin to rock.  To make sure they did, I went around yelling, “Mak Show!  Mak Show!”  They said, “What?”  So I told them the story of the Beatles in Hamburg, when George was just 17, and how they were playing 8 hours a night in this strip club/tavern, refining their act for pennies.  I also told how the German manager ran around yelling this phrase at The Beatles, which basically meant that they were to show passion.

The boys are growing into the role.  Should be a good show.  Hope to see 200 teenagers there.  Hey, if it wasn’t for Harrison’s mom managing in the beginning, I doubt if the Beatles ever would have found Epstein, or he them.

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