Pedestal for Brent Collins


My crew and I installed this stainless steel ped at Block last week.  300 lbs, 1/4″ skin except for the top plate, which is 1/2″.  I had it fabricated to spec, then the top machined to accomodate Brent Collins’ magnificent piece, Pax Mundi.  That sucker weighs 1200 lbs, and will arrive from the foundry at month’s end. 

The stainless rests on travertine from Italy, which caps a concrete plinth.  All of this had to be placed over a supporting beam, over the underground garage.  Yeah, it’s a little complicated.

Now how are we going to hoist the blasted thing into place, in a plaza where heavy equipment can’t be used?  Still working on that one.  Let me know if you have any ideas.

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