Lonnie Powell Commission; Real Women


This piece, about 50% complete, is one that Lonnie Powell is executing for the foyer of one of my corporate clients.  Yeah it’s a bit unexpected: a large painting of an elegant black woman, who happens to have a real figure.  The piece will say many things when finished.  It’s also our way of assuring women that a real figure is fine, while anorexia is not.

I mean, it’s about time that confused chicks like Kate Moss, and the folks at Victoria’s Secret, quit skewing the international perception of what constitutes a healthy figure.  A real woman’s figure?  Go back to any Greek sculpture or Renaissance painting.  It’s all there, and it ain’t got nothin to do with Milan or Madison Avenue, who don’t know shit about a healthy life in the first place.  However they do know how to screw up girls, and how to make money.

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