Art Students League of New York–Lecture


It was a year ago, more or less, that I gave a talk/signing at the ASLNY.  I also spoke at the Long Island Art League, the Westchester Art League, the Art League of Northern NJ, and the Jersey City Art League.  All those were cool, the audiences great, but what I dug most was the ASLNY.

The history of the joint itself is enough to knock you over, dating back to the 1870s, with instructors like Saint Gaudins and students like O’Keefe.  Hell, there was a Saint Gaudins in the front hall.  The crowd was large (200) and responsive, with only one obnoxious dude who got out of line in loud Brooklynese, and who I patiently answered in Missouri drawl.  He was satisfied, smiled, fell silent.

When it all was over, and the books signed, I went out onto the crowded streets and headed back to the Hotel Ford, my laptop and projector over one shoulder.  In my room I finished Everybody’s Game, a book that no NY agent has yet picked up, and in fact which I’ve quit submitting for the moment, being more focused on the screenplay.  No matter, a new agent is coming.  And I don’t think I’ll have to fire this one. 

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