Equine Installation



Went out this morning to check on the installation of these equine pieces in Corten steel.  I first discussed the in January, when we submitted designs for the client.  Erik Beier sculpted them, based on drawings by Allan Chow.  We did the job for the Winbury Group, our second such for them.  Not terribly exciting, but the pieces are well-executed for what they are, the client is ecstatic, and jobs like this give me liberty to promote more contemporary artists–who of course are harder to sell. 

I chose Corten because the rusting process is self-arresting, meaning we get the rust color but not the deteriortion.  Maintenance-free.  That’s what I always try to give my clients.  Nice morning to go out.  Touch of fall in the morning air.

Now I’m off to the VA Hospital to do some research for my screenplay.  Is it nearly finished?  You bet.  Goes to New York end of the month.

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