Almost Famous and The 70s

My guitar-playing son and I watched Almost Famous last night, one of our favorite flicks.  Talk about a virtually flawless screenplay, and movie.  From storyline, to the kid going on the adventure, to character arc, this is one beautiful tale.  Also the music; so many songs and bands that the radio stations have completely forgotten.  Never mind that the early 70s were hardly so idylic. 

Truth is, it was a dark and confusing time: the hopes of Woodstock had not been realized, and all that was left was Rock and Roll, dope, and hippie fashions marketed by Madison Ave.  Still, some of the idealism was left; it would take the rest of the decade to burn that out, and replace it with a bleak cynicism.  But god the overdoses, the legions of lost kids, the battle-worn parents…  It was new and frightening territory.

Even so, I had one hell of a good time in 1973.  In fact throughout the decade.  But that didn’t keep me from recognizing the troubles of the time.

Great movie anyway.  I can only hope that my script is half as good. 

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