Brent Sommerhauser


“Gifting,” Sculpted Glass and Rusted Steel.  Brent Sommerhauser.

Helped one of my committees select this very cool piece for a corporate client last week.  It’s by Brent Sommerhauser, and is made up of a found object (rusted steel), sculpted glass (hot process), and rust particles.  All this mounted very cleanly on aluminum.  Yeah, it’s going to provide a fantastic contrast to the sleek corporate environment for which it’s headed.

Brent himself is headed west.  Vegas.  No not to play the slots, but advance his art career (not unlike gambling in many instances), and teach at UNLV.  I’m sure he’ll be an asset to the town, which could stand a little less glitter, a little more substance.  Man I envy him, being surrounded by all that great desert, Death Valley in particular.  But my gig’s in the Midwest for now.

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