High School Talk 4 / Consultation / Screenplay

Spoke today to kids in the art dept at Lincoln Prep High School, near 18th & Vine. I’m the teenager in the black shirt. Really dig this school. Great kids, dedicated teachers, exceptional programs. Place just hums with talent. I’m going to help them set up mentoring programs in a variety of disciplines, in the arts as well as business. Will also award some internships in various studios. Will also gang them with corporations for other needs. Expect it will go quite well.

The rest of my day? Consultation for a prospective corporate client, answered emails from a couple of overseas readers, completed appraising a civic collection, and helped draft some more legalise in a few contracts. Sick to hell of looking at contracts, but they’re essential.

Best part of the day? Working on the screenplay. Title: Trading in Souls. 2nd best part? Inspiring those kids. I know the latter should come first, but I don’t like to lie. Besides, the screenplay serves a similar purpose.

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