High School Talk 3 / Screenplay

Paseo Academy, photo by Don Wayne

This morning I spoke to a crowd of about 200 kids at the Paseo Art Academy. This is magnet school for the arts, part of the Kansas City School District. Some people might consider it Inner City, but to me it’s just another group of talented kids looking for a little direction. Talent’s the same whether in an urban or suburban gig; the only difference is the opportunity. I always try to bridge that.

So I spoke in this huge auditorium. Most of the kids were interested, some could have cared less. These were seniors just anxious to move on. I remember that feeling. But after the talk, a group of kids came up to ask about internships, as I’d suggested. And I mean internships that pay real money; none of this work-for-nothin stuff. So I got their names, and will set them up in studios over the summer that correspond to their discipline. That should be a good start.

Beyond that, what did I do today? Well the good part was working on a screenplay, the bad part drafting contracts, but you can’t have fun every day.

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