New Commission / Vernon Brejcha

Upcoming Brejcha Installation

This rendering shows a hospital lobby in which we will eventually install a very large work in blown glass, by Vernon Brejcha. Erik Beier and I will serve as engineers. The illustration shows more or less how the piece will look. Actually less: it will be far more colorful, more dynamic, more interesting. It’ll also weigh about 1000 lbs. This is just a rough illustration. I’m the guy looking out the window. Perpetual dreamer.

When I first took Vernon on, we couldn’t get these commissions for giving them away. He got discouraged, my assistants got discouraged, I got discouraged, I just didn’t show it. Now Vernon’s averaging four commissions a year. Sure, it took about five years to create that demand–backed by a lifetime of effort–but the key was to never say die, and never cease promoting him. Well, he deserved it.

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