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The West Bottoms

Absolute Arts, a comprehensive website/blogsite/information-site for artists, ran another Column by me yesterday. I really admire their sophistication, and am honored that they asked me to bore their readers with the occasional post. This one seems to be getting pretty good response. I always dig the give-and-take of that.

Open Studios last night at the Hobbs Building down in the West Bottoms. Among the many fine works I saw were paintings in wax, by Keith Kavanaugh, and mixed media paintings on panel, by Dana Swedo Bernal. Attended with Richard Raney, whose studio is in an old loft across the tracks from Hobbs. He and I strolled through the Bottoms, crossed the tracks, toured the studios, I made some selections for clients, pilfered a beer, then we strolled back.

One of those mile-long freight trains had stopped, blocking our path, and the railroad cop who was patrolling told us he’d arrest us if we climbed over the train. We said OK, walked down the tracks 100 yards, and climbed over. My idea. Richard, as we were running, said, “Man, you’re posting bail if we get nabbed.” I said, “Sure.” Cop never came around. We walked back to Richard’s studio among skate boarders and revelers. A beautiful night.

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