Drafting Contracts / Speaking at High Schools / Leslie Reuther

Leslie Reuther, Stamp, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas

Spending the day drafting contracts (or what I call Letters of Agreement) for different artists, different commissions. Boring as hell, but it has to be done. Some important points?
–Establish terms.
–Make sure both Artist and Client know their responsibilities.
–Set deadlines.
–Write in clauses that protect both Artist and Client should disagreements occur.
–Ensure everything is drafted in the spirit of cooperation.
–Protect copyright for artist.

These are only a few of the issues. There are dozens more. Hate it. Would rather be out playing ball or skinnydipping, but I’m the consultant, so here I sit. Better than not having the work though.

Spoke today at another high school, this one in the suburbs as well: Shawnee Mission East. Talked with my oldest son’s creative writing class–graduating seniors. Shot rubber bands at them on occasion. Told them that was the great part of being an adult: I could shoot them, they couldn’t shoot back. Then of course they shot back. Punks! I’ll start speaking at inner-city schools next week. End-of-Year pep talk. Help them get real.

Piece above is by Leslie Reuther, a highly talented painter from St. Louis whose approach to figure is unlike any I’ve ever seen. Believe she may soon land a commission. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

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