Dennis Hopper / Arlie Regier

Arlie Regier, Hemisphere in Steel, Stainless Steel

We rented Blue Velvet the other night. Since my kids are teenagers now, they’re ready for flicks like that, and the curious world of David Lynch. I hadn’t seen the movie since it first came out, in ’86. Just as trippy now as then. Dennis Hopper, with his somewhat Dodge City twang, cussing up a storm. Wild.

Hopper. The passion he’s always had. Oh sure it was subdued in those early roles, Giant and Rebel Without A Cause. But once he could cut loose, from Easy Rider forward, look out. Problem was he had no self-control with the dope and booze, and nearly killed both himself and his career. The miracle was how he survived it, then went on to have a brilliant career. He’s 70 now, and recently admitted that he wondered what he could have done had it not been for the dope and booze. Who can say? I use him as an example to my kids anyway as to what NOT to do with your talent. I don’t think he’d mind.

Sculpture above by good old Arlie Regier. Composed of 1000 pieces of stainless steel. Sold it to a San Francisco collector this afternoon. Nice way to finish the day, before going to tease the Brothers, and Sisters, in Light in the Other Room.

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