Kim Casebeer Opening / Women Artists

Here’s a shot of Kim’s opening. This was taken in the upper gallery, at the onset. The wine had only just started to flow. Went through 100 bodies by evening’s end, and I don’t know how many bottles. Sold 13 paintings and secured 3 commissions. A very good night. Chick in the foreground was about to be ambushed by one of my sales staff. She made an acquisition, went home happy.

Was it always this way? Not at all. Our first opening for Kim, 4 years ago, saw 25 bodies and 1 sale. It takes time and persistence. I love helping to do this for such a skilled and dedicated painter. I love doing it even more for a woman. I mean let’s face it, the arts are still dominated by white men, who as in the corporate world still tend to command the big fees. That’s slowly changing. I’d like to believe I’m of some assistance in the process.

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