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John Gary Brown, Monument Valley, Oil

John Gary Brown, or Brownie as he’s known around here, has spent time in North Africa, Europe, Central America, and all over North America. His travels inform his abstractions, although I’ll not speculate as to how. I just dig how they turn out. I’ve used his work in several collections, and hope to use it in several more. He’s a brick of a dude, and one fine nude photographer–though my wife has expressed no interest in posing for him. Damnit.

Spoke today to a graduating art class from Blue Valley High School. It took a half hour to get there, an hour to complete the talk, then a half hour back to the gallery. A big chunk of my day. Was it worth it just to inspire a bunch of kids? You bet it was, even if I did have to work late to catch up.

Bought one of my sons a new pair of RollerBlades tonight, this so he can blast around downtown with me evenings, when the place empties out, the streets are vacant, and you can blade wherever you want. Nothing like that on a summer night.

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