Friday Tips for Artists: Making Things Easier

Making Things Easier

A client dropped by my gallery recently and said she was in love with the above Phil Epp painting, which is huge, and which she’d seen in the lobby of a regional corporation. Of course that painting was sold some time ago, so it’s not available. But the client wanted to know if the piece could be painted in a smaller size. I said, Sure.

I’ve made this point before, but it’s worth making again: any painting can be done three times in three different sizes. This is perfectly ethical, and a tradition that dates back to the Renaissance. This piece, “Storm Over Sage,” has now been done twice: 50 x 60, and 30 x 40. The client wanted to know if she could have it painted in a somewhat smaller size. We settled on a 24 x 30. She made the downpayment, and went away ecstatic. Phil will finish the piece next month. That will close out all size options on the painting.

Look, you’ve all worked hard enough just establishing your talent and ability. Please don’t make things any harder than they already are. This simple practice will allow you, whether you’re a painter or a sculptor, to realize more income from your work for less struggle. It allows you to sell a really strong piece three times, pick up three different clients, and thus have three different groups of people speaking well of you and your work. Then, when you�re vacationing in the Ozarks (unless you can afford the French Maritime Alps), you can speak well of them.

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