Jerry Moon / Persistence

Jerry Moon, Springfinger

Jerry Moon joined my gallery in 2001, painting primarily in egg tempera. This was slow and tedious for him, requiring a great deal of time to create just one painting–for which he could never be adequately compensated. I talked to him about doing the temperas on occasion, and considering a transition to oil otherwise, since the latter is less time-consuming. He tried it, loved the change, his work evolved more rapidly, and now shows the kind of dynamic exemplified in the landscape above.

Then came the process of marketing his work–my job. I’d love to tell you that we achieved consistent sales for Jerry, and most of the others here, by running a few ads and experiencing the joys of serendipity. Unfortunately it almost never plays that way. The way it did play was having several shows for Jerry over a period of years, writing countless letters to various clients, loaning pieces when the occasion called, and leaving nothing to chance. THAT kind of serendipity–otherwise known as persistence–I believe in, although the other is much easier.

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