Don’t ask me what possessed us, but my sons and I rented the flick Woodstock the other night, just to try to take it all in. Oddly I’d never seen it before. I was 12 when that thing went down, but not too young to sense the emotional wave that swept across the country as a result, and the changes that followed–both the good and bad. If you know how to sense, you can still feel the repercussions.

What do I miss about the late 60s/early 70s? The cameraderie if you had long hair, the open-mindedness, and the attitude of acceptance, even love. Yes it really did exist, brief though it was, and those repercussions can still be felt too. In fact I feel them every day.

Did that era have an impact on the various movements in art that are taking place now? As surely as I’ve written this.

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