Artist Collaboration / Josh George

I’ve a client who wants a huge sculpture in blown glass, but they love equally the works of two separate artists. They asked me if the artists will collaborate. I said Probably. Don’t know that they will, but both stand to gain if they do: each get credit for their design, the concept will be different from anything they’ve done yet, and the installation will help advance both of their careers. Also the client, who is quite influential, will be ecstatic. We’ll find a way to do it.

Would I always recommend this? No. But in this instance I feel it will work, and work well.

Paintings by Josh George. He graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in the 90s, and now lives in NY. Uses wallpaper in his paintings; can you spot where and how? Carried by the Hallar Gallery. I installed these works at the OP Convention Center. Still love them.

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