Play / Vernon Brejcha / Phil Starke / Granada

Went last night to the school play–high school, I mean. My oldest son landed one of the major roles. Man was he ecstatic. Comedy. I don’t remember the title, but it had to do with having an elderly Elvis as a boarder. Brought down the house. Man was that kid ecstatic. Yeah that’s art, just of a different sort.

Spent the morning overseeing a glass installation for Vernon Brejcha. Images later. Did I want to work on a Saturday? Man I never want to work on a Saturday, but often duty leaves me no choice.

I checked into the gallery long enough to sell a Phil Starke (above), answer a few emails, and now I’m headed for Lawrence with a parcel of teenagers. Buddy of mine has a farm on the bluffs above the Kaw there. The kids get one cabin to themselves, we get another. At one point we’ll go into town to check on the rock n roll scene at the Granada. With spring coming on, it should be a fine night.

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