Arlie Regier and Douglas Adams / Charlie Parker Memorial / Train to LA / Wilber Harrison

The piece at left is by good old Arlie Regier, a craft-based sculptor who works exclusively in stainless. This work, Westward, was placed with a private collector in Miami. Dude’s ecstatic with it. So was Douglas Adams with his Regiers. Adams was the author who wrote Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He bought several works by Arlie for his home in London before passing a few years back. Where does Arlie live? Kansas City. Where is he best appreciated? Mostly outside his own town, but that’s common.

My adorable wife had a cold last night, Saturday, meaning she and I couldn’t go out on the town. My younger son was home with one of the dudes from his band. They were practicing when I asked if they wanted to hit the city. They said Sure.

We drove downtown along the Paseo, a sometimes forgotten boulevard in KC, but one of the most beautiful. I showed them the different sculptures and parks that grace it. Downtown we walked through the Jazz District, 18th and Vine. Yeah, they know the lyrics to the song, but they thought the Beatles wrote it, having never heard of Wilber Harrison. I showed them Robert Graham’s Charlie Parker Memorial, then another sculpture celebrating jazz, then the old set leftover from when Robert Altman filmed Kansas City here. They were engrossed.

At 10:30 I said, “You want to go see if the train to LA is in?” They loved that idea. So we went to Union Station, marched down to the tracks as though we were passengers, and starting digging on the train. Huge freaking thing, with mostly double-deckers, we wandered in and out of the different cars, checking out the compartments, talking with a couple of the stewards, until the thing was ready to pull out. Man, it really made me want to go to LA. The boys too. I love that trip across the desert. Later this year.

Finished the night at Windstead’s, drinking shakes and telling stories. Good way to end a good day.

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