Liam Daly / Dublin, America, Greece / Post 9/11

What can I say about Liam Daly, except that his interpretations of his homeland–Ireland–are like none that I’ve seen anywhere else. He does them in acrylic, on canvas, and is shy about no combination of color.

He isn’t shy about adventure either. He’s ridden his bicycle across Europe, through the Balkans in the 90s (during the war in Bosnia), through Greece and Turkey, across America literally from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and has even bicycled across parts of Cambodia. Has all this informed his painting? I’d say so, almost as much as the occasional pint.

Worked late tonight–8:00–putting a master plan together for a client in Virginia. You know, deciding which walls they want to use for art, which areas for sculpture, which to leave alone (less is always more), also making lighting recommendations to capture the work well. Moderate-sized job, I’ll present it to them soon.

Do I dig working this late on a Friday night? Hell no, but sometimes that’s what it takes to provide opportunities for artists, especially in this post-9/11 era. Yes, we’re still dealing with the effects of that, and will be for awhile. That, the war, the hurricanes, and gas prices have all had a negative effect on the art market. But as for now, baby, it’s nearly New Years. I’ll have the whole freaking weekend off. Now I head for the sauna, later a bourbon, and much later…ah, we’ll stop there.

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