Noelle Stoffel / Romanian Orphanage

Noelle Stoffel is one of the kindest people I know, quite selfless, and also an exceptional abstractionist. This piece I think bears my point. It reflects a very intelligent and yet passionate application of acrylic on paper. She’s underpriced as an artist, being rather young (31), but we’ll change that with time–I mean the pricing not the age. You can view her work on my gallery’s site, or on her own:

Noelle also went, on her own nickel, to Romania last year, where she employed a variety of art therapy techniques in working with kids at an orphanage. The kids had never experienced such a thing before, and I could tell from the photos she showed me that they responded to Noelle with warmth and acceptance. She went with a medical mission made up of physicians and surgeons. I hold great admiration for people who do these sorts of things at their own expense, but then those are the sorts of folks that Noelle would hang with.

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