Matt Kirby’s “Tuning Forks” / Kansas Speedway / The Legends

Got Matt Kirby a commission the other day to execute a series of oversized “Tuning Forks” for a major developer. These will be installed in a project called The Legends at the Kansas Speedway (NASCAR). Initial drawing posted above–and this shows little of how the pieces will look. Yes you can actually play them by thumping them with your hand. Made of stainless steel.

Leave it to Matt, and his endless sense of humor, to come up with something like this. He was given an AIA Award for design in 1994, and it sure weren’t for nothing. If you think this is cool, wait until I show you his monumental sculpture design for the Speedway. Now THAT is cool, but later.

I haven’t discussed fiction in awhile. Well it’s the holidays, and I’m a bit preoccupied with revelry, but I’ll get back to that soon. Unavoidable with me.

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