Pre-Thanksgiving / Richard Raney press

Everyone’s pretending to work today, but no one’s heart is in it. I had one meeting with a mid-sized corporation that is considering an expanded collection of specific themes. No other meetings rest of the day. Have to close a deal by phone on a painting, then another deal on a glass sculpture, secure two more stories for Richard Raney, then I’ll split early. It’s a good day to head for the community center, swim a half-mile, and deflate in the sauna. Drinks in Westport with friends tonight. Do the drinks defeat the purpose of the sauna? Probably.

On Thanksgiving? Another football game with my sons and their friends, this time on Ward Parkway. It’s a KC tradition to play there, on the broad median beneath the pines. Afterward, sit down with family and friends to one fine dinner. No I won’t cook it; my wife’s better at that. But the boys and I will sure do the dishes.

Heck, I’m ready to get out of here now.

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