No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

Sure I watched the Bob Dylan gig. Watched it with my wife and sons. Oddly I never listened to him that much as a kid. His folk stuff came up shortly after I was born, and the electric stuff came along after I was sold on Led Zeppelin. I even passed up a chance to see him, choosing The Who instead. But I always thought Before The Flood was a masterpiece. Still do. So do my sons. “Lay Lady Lay,” “Knockin On Heaven’s Door.” Music of that sort doesn’t get any better.

So did I miss the boat on this when I was younger? Somewhat, although I was always aware of the Dylan influence (who wasn’t?). I did feel badly for him regarding the hero-worship nonsense that he had to deal with. Surely that messes with one’s psyche. But he seems to have come to peace with it. I mean the low-key way he handled the Soy Bomb dancer in 1998 says a lot about him, as well as his not-surprised-by-anything demeanor. Hilarious really.

Did I enjoy the Scorsese film? The first half of it, yes. Enormously. The second half is tonight, and I’m sure I’ll dig that too. My sons? They are all agog.

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