Blown Glass Chandelier / Vernon Brejcha

Met this morning with a client who’s built quite a substantial house, and wants a hanging glass sculpture that the spiral staircase will encircle. They’re interested in the work of Vernon Brejcha. So the designer and I met at the house and figured the specs: 7′ high, 3′ in diameter at the base, 250 lbs of glass. It will involve about 40 elongated pieces, multiple colors. Will it look like a Dale Chihuly? No, it’ll look like a Vernon Brejcha. He’s been around longer than Chihuly anyway. Client wanted to know when it could be done. I said eight weeks. Can we really finish it that soon? Guess we’ll have to.

Price? Now you know I can’t divulge those things. Bad form. But the price will be fair to all concerned.

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