Pratt Fine Arts Center / Seattle

Heard this morning that the Pratt will be sponsoring my talk in Seattle, which will be at “the biggest Barnes & Nobel west of the Mississippi,” which I gather is near the university. This will be in October. Cool. I’ve always dug the Seattle scene, and am sure I’ll dig speaking to the artists there. Visionary place.

Afterward I’ll go down to the docks at Ballard, and look for the boat I shipped out on in 1982. Halibut boat, bound for Alaska. Beautiful old schooner, 72 feet in length, 12 foot keel, rode the waves well. Worthless captain; put us up on a reef one day and damn near got everyone killed. Boat was full of fish. Miracle she didn’t break up. I heard she finally went down in a storm on the Gulf ten years ago. I’ll go down to the docks to see if she really did or not. Those guys’ll know.

(A rose is more than a rose.)

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