Prior to Allan Chow’s Show

Although Allan’s show doesn’t open until 9/9, we’ve already had a lot of traffic on it–thanks in part to an article featuring his work last week in Star Magazine. 6 pieces of the 20 have been placed on hold, which is a diplomatic way of saying they’re sold. Sure you’re not supposed to sell until the opening, but that’s absurd.

Many art sales, like many loves, are spontaneous; you mustn’t let the moment pass. I’m here for the artist; if a client’s ready to buy a piece before the opening, fine by me. Besides, if you start a show by marking several works SOLD early in the evening, it inspires more of the same. That allows us to celebrate at a sushi joint at the end of the evening, and allows the artist to pay rent, groceries, and put some dough in the bank. Heck yes I sell before openings.

(Water balloon at Skinny. Two in fact.)

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