The Redwalls

My 15-year-old son asked me to take him and some of his buds to a concert last night at the Grand Emporium: The Redwalls. Chicago band that is somewhat Punk, and somewhat other things. Good, tight performance–though I wore earplugs, though my ears are still ringing. But the boys dug it, and had a great time.

How nice, to go to a concert and not smell or see any dope. Oh plenty of it went on somewhere outside, you can be sure, but it was nothing like when I was a kid, where joints and pipes were passed up and down the rows. What a relief that we don’t openly allow that insanity anymore. How nice to see teenagers digging a concert without having to get loaded first.

Afterward we went to the old airport to lie on the levee and watch the jets pass overhead. A very good night.

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