Brief Video on the Art Collection at University of KS Hospital


We periodically make brief videos about our various art projects. Our clients love that, as do the artists. It’s good for regional culture, and for everyone involved. If you can glean any ideas from this process, feel free. UKH has been a great client since 2002. Because of their vision and generosity, we’ve been able to place work by scores of regional artists. Be sure to approach hospitals your area about doing the same.  Here’s a link to the film.

Climbing Devil’s Tower

TowerWhen I’m not running the gallery, consulting, or working on a book, I love doing stuff that spikes the adrenaline–such as climbing. Devil’s Tower is my highest climb. Couldn’t have done it without Felipe top-roping. Put the smaller image in to convey the 900′ height. Of course for all you know I’m just sitting on top of a bluff in WY. Believe my sons and I will climb Zion in Aug.

Delivering Our 10th Check to Paseo Academy


Delivered another check to Paseo recently–our 10th such. Note smiles. Superintendent Green gave us an award. We’ve been underwriting the needs of the art dept since 2006, who wouldn’t have sufficient art supplies or books without our assistance. Same for Sumner Academy in KCK. Thanks again to all our clients who make this possible, and to Pamela Sahl, teacher par excellence. Many of these kids will be going to college who otherwise wouldn’t. Damn straight!

MJ Rigby Installation for Private Collector


Sometimes I still enjoy doing the installs. This couple–very kind people who live in suburban KC–commissioned this piece by MJ Rigby for their great room. Both are brilliant neurologists, quite literary, and very knowledgeable about art.


Sure we should have used scaffolding but ladders were much quicker–just don’t fall.


The finished piece. MJ based it–brilliantly–on a topo map of KC with various elements abstractly inserted that have special meaning to the client. For instance, note image of Oahu in upper left, where the client has a 2nd home. Hmm, I must visit them there someday.

Getting Citizenship for a Young Artist. Wrestling William de Kooning. Jim Leedy’s Studio.

Last fall I began helping Isaac Tapia get his citizenship. Isaac grew up here but couldn’t go to college because he lacked that doc. Welll now he’s got it and can finish his education. We celebrated at Jim Leedy’s studio over curry chicken and tea.


Jim is getting old now as we all will, as we all have. But what a life he’s had as a celebrated Abstract Expresssionist, as a pal of William de Kooning’s (they once got into a wrestling match in a NY bar), as an instructor at the KC Art Institute.


I’ve been mentoring Isaac for 6 years, since we met via my educational program at Paseo Academy–an urban high school in KC that my foundation raises money. So damned proud that finally he can finish college without worry of being deported. That’s one purpose of the foundation: get urban kids in college and break the cycle of poverty.

Leopold Gallery / Drew Hine Blown-Glass Installation at Sprint Center

Sprint 1

Last week the Big 12 Championship was held at Sprint Center in KC. My crew and I installed this glass sculpture there in 2007–brilliant glass work by Drew Hine.


















Hundreds of thousands of people see the piece each year, which brings many new clients to the gallery via our marketing. Believe me, our artists count on us to get that right.


If you want to learn more about how we land these commissions and ensure that our artists benefit, just refer to my book.