Sculpture Project in Istanbul


I was recently approached by an architect in Miami about overseeing a sculpture project for Atasehir Hospital in Istanbul. Have always wanted to go to Turkey, so I said Sure. Think I’ll swim the Hellespont, like Lord Byron–except it’s a little more polluted than in his day. More ships too. If neither of those kill me, it will all go well.

Another Trip to CA

Shots are from a great trip, biz and pleasure, a few years ago. We’ll go back next month. More biz, more pleasure. Always love visiting, but will never live there.


Coffee at Big Sur.


Surfing Santa Cruz.


Kerouac with his favorite hell-raiser.

Glass Installation at KU Medical Center

Glass 1 Glass 2

One of the 100s of installations we’ve done around the country. Love landing them, and love installing them. This one was pretty complex, and involved 300 pieces by the time we were done. Repurposed hickory beams, backlit with LEDs. Beautiful job as always, boys. Thanks to KU Med and all the great staff there.

Lyman Whitaker Installation in Naples

whitaker 1 whitaker 2We’ve been representing the sculptor Lyman Whitaker since 2008. Periodically I place  large groupings of his works in different locations around the country. It’s good biz, and anyway I love to travel. This install is at the Naples Art Center, and man do they love it! So do we.

Goodbye Moses











Had to put beautiful Moses, our gallery dog, down last month. Tumor. Here we’re on the vet’s porch. He was one special pup–once we got him past his memories of abuse. Died with his head on my lap. We all miss and love you, Buddy. See you on the other side.