Getting Citizenship for a Young Artist. Wrestling William de Kooning. Jim Leedy’s Studio.

Last fall I began helping Isaac Tapia get his citizenship. Isaac grew up here but couldn’t go to college because he lacked that doc. Welll now he’s got it and can finish his education. We celebrated at Jim Leedy’s studio over curry chicken and tea.


Jim is getting old now as we all will, as we all have. But what a life he’s had as a celebrated Abstract Expresssionist, as a pal of William de Kooning’s (they once got into a wrestling match in a NY bar), as an instructor at the KC Art Institute.


I’ve been mentoring Isaac for 6 years, since we met via my educational program at Paseo Academy–an urban high school in KC that my foundation raises money. So damned proud that finally he can finish college without worry of being deported. That’s one purpose of the foundation: get urban kids in college and break the cycle of poverty.

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