Moab, Canyonlands and 127 Hours


Saw 127 Hours with Brown Eyes the other night.  Some film.  Some canyon.  I’ve always loved the Moab area, but this puts it in a rather different perspective.
Canyon 1.jpg

The first time we went biking there, I had no idea that we were just a few miles from where Aron Ralston was trapped.  In this shot we’re taking the first of several water breaks, as the day was 105–but at least we had the luxury of mobility and water.

Canyon 2.jpg

The difference between Ralston and me?  I’d probably have died in that place, rotting arm attached.  Some dude.  James Franco did an exceptional job with the role.

Field Trip for Sumner Academy Artists


Took a group of talented art students from Sumner to K-State for a day. They learned more about getting into college, scholarships and grant options, and had studio time.  


Print-making studio.


Sloan Smith, a student at K-State, showing everyone how to make an etching.  His stunning work, in this instance, was along the lines of Goya.


Touring the School of Leadership Studies, for which I selected the art last year.


Digging on an outdoor sculpture. That’s teacher Mary Sit on the far left, who worked much harder than I in putting together the trip. All the kids look up to her.


Finished the day in the Flint Hills.  Incredible trip, but what a bunch of punks.