William Lobdell Commission for Kauffman Stadium


Spent an afternoon at Kauffman Stadium recently with William, Royals execs, and the team owner.  Great clients who dig original art–not very common in the Majors.  They’re commissioning a large wall sculpture for the main lobby.  William and I went to do a little research, attend a game, and gather up some found objects, since he works largely from same.  We were taken all over the park, including down to the clubhouse.  By day’s end he’d begun to work out his concept.  Visionary sculptor, I’ve placed his work with Block, KCP&L, BKD, and a host of private collectors.


That’s William taking the shot, his very kind wife Janell, Beautiful Brown Eyes, some middle-aged guy, and two great sons.  We were given seats behind home plate.  Since I used to coach ball, that meant a lot.  We lost that night to the White Sox, 4-3, though almost came back in the 9th.  However we won the series.

Sculpture will be done in September.  Photos after installation.

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