Glass-Blowing Field Trip

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Last month we took 40 artists from Shawnee Mission North and Shawnee Mission East on a field trip to Emporia State, which has the only glass-blowing program in Kansas and one of the best in the country.  I was ably assisted by Adam Finkelston, art instructor at East, and Sally Jones, instructor at North.


The demo was given by two very talented seniors: Kristin Elliott and Willy Haynes.  The kids were mesmerized.  That’s Willy at work.

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Afterward we went for a sketching/photographing hike in the Flint Hills.  Blew me away how these punks had never been there before.  Man, when I was in high school we had campouts in the hills all the time–wild affairs that I’ll abstain from describing here, as I fear that would do me no honor.


Fantastic day.  Watching the kids grow from the experience–and having them later tell me about same–is what I love about these gigs.  Their show will be held May 6th.


Dedication of School of Leadership Studies


Was in Manhattan on Friday for the dedication of this new structure at K-State.  Great shindig.  About 400 people, and man did they love the art.  We installed some 40 works.  Painting by Phil Epp.


School founder Susan Scott on the right, architect Gary Schuberth on the left.  Sculpture by Matt Kirby.  Sure I put on a monkeysuit.  Blue jeans otherwise.


Susan Scott again, with sculptor Linda Ganstrom, and Mary Tolar on the right.  Mary is director of the school. 


 Works on paper by Jason Scuilla and Terri Schmidt.


River of Glass.  Cast glass by Ed Pennebaker, steel by Matt Kirby, design by me, with able assistance from Sharon Schumacher.  This is an abstracted interpretation of the Kaw River as it winds past Manhattan.  Will show other works later.