Greg Michalson, Unbridled Books and Thoroughbreds

Drove out to Columbia last week with Brown Eyes to spend a day with Greg Michalson and his wife.  Greg’s formerly editor of the legendary Missouri Review, but for a decade has been at the helm of Unbridled Books, a sophisticated press that specializes in literary fiction.  Year after year, he and his staff place major books on the bestseller lists–after they’ve been praised in the NY Times.  I frankly don’t know how he does it.  Will he ever publish my fiction?  Well, we may discuss that if ever it’s relevant, but right now I’m focused on other stuff, and he has plenty of writers to choose from anyway.

horse.jpg Greg also raises thoroughbreds for the track, and at any given time has 5-8 horses on his farm.  Beautiful creatures.  I offered to ride one for him in the Belmont Stakes, but he confessed he didn’t want to see me get killed.  Well, me either.

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