Kansas City Star Story on Our 15th Anniversary Bash


Well, the party’s this Friday, which the Star ran a Story on today.  A major milestone for us, as it is for any gallery that only carries original art, and doesn’t rely on framing to fill in the financial gaps.  The journey has at times been tough–as really it is for any business–but man the rewards have been great.  They get greater each year.  So do the projects.  What’s next?  I think a little something in LA. 


Wet Spring, Oil on Panel, 24 x 24, Derrick Breidenthal 

Image above: one of the pieces in the silent auction.  A portion of all proceeds will go to benefit the art programs at 3 different urban high schools, Sumner, Lincon Prep and Paseo Academies.  Expecting 250 people.  Should be a riot.

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