Funeral For A Friend

My wife and I attended a celebration last night for Frances Gordon, founder of Latin American Imports, Queen of Brookside, general dispenser of love.  Her store used to be in my gallery’s space, and it was she who invited us to move here two years ago.  I’ve always been grateful that she agreed for us to take this location. 

I never knew Frances was adored by so many people.  The service, at St. Peter’s, was standing-room only–and it’s a huge church.  Roughly 700 people attended, and those who addressed the crowd repeatedly touched on her kindness, her sense of love toward all, her generosity of purse and spirit, her ceaseless smile. 

It was humbling, how many people revered this woman.  I’ve only now grasped what a great loss her passing was for her family, and the city.  It’s people like Frances who make a community, and make a lasting impact.  I feel fortunate to have known her for the brief time I did. 

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