My Sons and I in the Lower 9th Ward


On the last day of our Trip to New Orleans, we took these shots. 


All of these are of course the abandoned houses and neighborhoods that have little chance of coming back soon.  Some people there told me they thought that was by design, since they felt that many politicians didn’t want the people of the 9th Ward back, and therefore weren’t interested in sponsoring a rebuild effort.  Maybe so.


Either way it was a sobering drive and walk for my sons.


We finished by cruising by one of the houses of the Make It Right Foundation, which Brad Bitt is sponsoring.  Nice design.  Hope it spreads. 

Afterward we headed home.  Our week in the South had taught my sons much about the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, southern culture, Cajun cuisine, Blues, and man what a great town New Orleans is.  Damn good trip all around.

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